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Illegally obtaining cards, card data, PIN data, withdrawals, or deposits from an ATM, such as card skimming, fishing, trapping, etc.

Physical burglary attempts at the ATM, such as removal of the ATM, saw or torch attacks on the safe, gas explosions, etc.

Attacks on the software, operating system, and communications of the ATM, such as malware, network hacking, etc.

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The information contained in ATM Security Alerts is Diebold, Incorporated confidential and is intended solely for the use of Diebold customers. ATM Security Alerts are intended to communicate known or suspected ATM attack activity only. Diebold neither represents nor warrants recommendations are comprehensive or avert attacks. Diebold recommends that its customers maintain a multi-level, vigilant, and continuously updated security process to minimize the potential for attacks. ATM Security Alerts are subject to standard copyright rules and are not to be reproduced or reused in any matter without the advanced written approval of Diebold.